Jun 29 2009

More reasons not to be a Goddess

I got a response from Mark! (background to this here) Unfortunately, it has simply added to the barriers I have in being a Goddess. We can now add “I smoke cigars” to my list of unGoddesslike behaviours.

Hi Mark

I’m not sure that I meet your Goddess requirements by any measure, however, I am intrigued as to why you are doing this. Why are you being so specific about the kind of woman you are looking for and do you think having a ‘shopping list’ is the best way to go about it? These are genuine questions.

The main thing that I find troubling is your definition of ‘surrender’ and ‘control’. Taking surrender to mean “give up or agree to forgo to the power or possession of another” – doesn’t mean your control over a woman? If you have zero interest in wanting to control a woman then why have you defined the necessary length of her hair and size of her waist (no exceptions)? It is certain that you do not want an equal relationship but very much want to be the “powerful” one. There just seems to be a tiny bit of cognitive dissonance going on here.

Thanks for your time.



Hi Naomi,

Thank you for your response. I doubt if I can resolve to your satisfaction the “congnitive dissonance” you perceived, but I will make a brief attempt.

Your quoted definition of “surrender” is from the dictionary, and is NOT what I mean by that word… I am talking about spiritual “surrender,” which is the most EMPOWERING thing in the world. It means surrendering the ego and dissolving into God. Numerous women who have responded to my web site KNOW this and it is what they WANT in a relationship. See, e.g., the writings and videos of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar… he talks about this extensively.

As for my “shopping list” why do you narrowly point to the “hair” and “waistline” items on my list? Why not take issue with the fact that I seek a woman who is “believes in God”? Or that I seek a woman who “is extremely intelligent and creative”? Or that I seek a woman who is “tobacco free and drug free”? What if she chooses to become an atheist, or she chooses to smoke cigars? Am I “controlling” her by stating otherwise in my profile?

I dislike it when women smoke, and I have no interest in a relationship with an atheist. Likewise, I dislike it when women have short hair or are overweight. I am seeking a woman to whom I will be attracted on all levels, and if she chooses to do dumb things (rather than being “intelligent” per my profile), then that will be a huge disappointment to me. And I will WEEP if she chooses to cut her hair short or she chooses to start eating junk food and gets fat.

Furthermore, if you look at most women’s profiles, they have THEIR “shopping lists” and I often see things like “clean shaven” or “toned” or “athletic”. What if the man choses to grow a beard, or become a couch potato?

God bless you.



Yes, I did quote the dictionary definition of ‘surrender’ – my bad. I’m replying now, will keep you updated….

Jun 27 2009

Am I the Goddess you’re looking for?

[Kali, Hindu Goddess of Death]

I was obviously deeply excited to see this website where a hunk of a man was looking for a ‘Goddess’. I was obviously fantastically keen to apply, but there were a couple of things that I thought would get in the way for eternal happiness with ‘Mark’. What do you think?

  • I don’t believe in God.
  • I don’t really believe that Mark is on the brink of a large-scale financial success
  • I don’t believe he does speak DIRECTLY to God.
  • I don’t like people who CAPS words unnecessarily or over-use exclamation marks!
  • I don’t really think he is looking for a woman with a razor-sharp intellect or at least the other few of thousand words kinda undermine that desire.
  • I find pre-nuptial agreements offensive.
  • I don’t mediate every day, unless you count sitting on the bus on the way to work, staring zombie-like out of the window.
  • I don’t chant, unless you count shouting catchphrases like “Oh for fuck’s sake” or “he is such a fuckwit”.
  • My mind is rarely peaceful.
  • I have frequent “unwelcome thoughts” and constant “mental chatter”. Some unwelcome thoughts include the idea of bald, middle-aged fuckwits filled with sexual intensity *shudder*
  • When I get hurt or upset I stew on it for weeks, sometimes years.
  • I frequently feel hatred and the desire to hurt people, but then I probably spend too much time on the internet.
  • I don’t unconditionally love many people. In fact I don’t much like most people. I even hate some of my closest friends.
  • I don’t think I ever had childlike innocence and I have a particular suspicion of middle-aged men who want a woman to be childlike.
  • I have bad posture.
  • I have a fairly trim waistline – which I think gives me extra points. But I wouldn’t be willing to keep it trim for a man because I have self-respect and prioritise my relationship with pies and cakes over any man. No exceptions.
  • My hair has grown recently, mostly due to my laziness but I have spent many years with a crop and if there is any thing that would make me cut it all off again it would be a man wanting me to grow it for them. No exceptions.
  • I have a fairly low voice for a woman.
  • I’m not fantastically healthy (see relationship with pies and cake).
  • I am mostly tobacco free, but then do often have a fag when I’m pissed and high.
  • I’m not a vegetarian and would rather die than never eat sausages again.
  • My room (as I don’t own a house) is dirty, chaotic and full of crap
  • My main mental health issue is the frequent desire to kick men in the balls. But I am trying to deal with it.
  • Saying “outside the box” makes me want to kick Mark in the balls.
  • I’m pretty unreliable which I, but no one else, find endearing and lovable.
  • I’m not an actress and feel no desire to become one.
  • I wouldn’t be willing to travel the world with Mark or appear on TV with him because its crass, cloying and the heteronormativity of it makes a little bit of sick appear in my mouth.
  • I don’t really think that a sacred sexual union with Mark is crucial for manifesting his Global Vision. But would ostensively be to get his rocks off.
  • I haven’t been a prostitute and think that if men want their ‘Goddess’ to be one its because they wish to dehumanise, purchase and own a woman for her sexual services
  • I don’t long to be worshiped as a Goddess by a man. Its creepy.
  • I don’t want to be controlled by someone and believe submission, surrender and the looking a particular way for someone else are fundamental to control
  • I don’t really like 100% straight people, they are massively dull.
  • I don’t respond to anything as a LADY and I’m not a GIRL. I’m an adult and condescension makes me want to kick men in the balls.
  • I like walking on the street side of the pavement as it allows me to run away faster.
  • I like to make choices and exercise my free will.
  • I don’t own any vases.
  • I like music.
  • I watch downloaded telly.
  • Mark doesn’t seem funny – apart from in a funny-weird way.
  • I don’t want to live in Los Angeles.
  • I find the top Mark is wearing in the ‘August 2004’ pic offensive.
  • I think he does want to control his Goddess. Otherwise he wouldn’t have written 6000 words on exactly what he wants from a woman right down to the length of her hair and how long she mediates for each day. And that creeps me out.
  • I do indeed have a tendency to accuse men of being controlling when they try to control things.

But, but I am NOT a Scientologist!!

I’ll email him and see how I get on – fingers crossed!!!!