More reasons not to be a Goddess

I got a response from Mark! (background to this here) Unfortunately, it has simply added to the barriers I have in being a Goddess. We can now add “I smoke cigars” to my list of unGoddesslike behaviours.

Hi Mark

I’m not sure that I meet your Goddess requirements by any measure, however, I am intrigued as to why you are doing this. Why are you being so specific about the kind of woman you are looking for and do you think having a ‘shopping list’ is the best way to go about it? These are genuine questions.

The main thing that I find troubling is your definition of ‘surrender’ and ‘control’. Taking surrender to mean “give up or agree to forgo to the power or possession of another” – doesn’t mean your control over a woman? If you have zero interest in wanting to control a woman then why have you defined the necessary length of her hair and size of her waist (no exceptions)? It is certain that you do not want an equal relationship but very much want to be the “powerful” one. There just seems to be a tiny bit of cognitive dissonance going on here.

Thanks for your time.



Hi Naomi,

Thank you for your response. I doubt if I can resolve to your satisfaction the “congnitive dissonance” you perceived, but I will make a brief attempt.

Your quoted definition of “surrender” is from the dictionary, and is NOT what I mean by that word… I am talking about spiritual “surrender,” which is the most EMPOWERING thing in the world. It means surrendering the ego and dissolving into God. Numerous women who have responded to my web site KNOW this and it is what they WANT in a relationship. See, e.g., the writings and videos of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar… he talks about this extensively.

As for my “shopping list” why do you narrowly point to the “hair” and “waistline” items on my list? Why not take issue with the fact that I seek a woman who is “believes in God”? Or that I seek a woman who “is extremely intelligent and creative”? Or that I seek a woman who is “tobacco free and drug free”? What if she chooses to become an atheist, or she chooses to smoke cigars? Am I “controlling” her by stating otherwise in my profile?

I dislike it when women smoke, and I have no interest in a relationship with an atheist. Likewise, I dislike it when women have short hair or are overweight. I am seeking a woman to whom I will be attracted on all levels, and if she chooses to do dumb things (rather than being “intelligent” per my profile), then that will be a huge disappointment to me. And I will WEEP if she chooses to cut her hair short or she chooses to start eating junk food and gets fat.

Furthermore, if you look at most women’s profiles, they have THEIR “shopping lists” and I often see things like “clean shaven” or “toned” or “athletic”. What if the man choses to grow a beard, or become a couch potato?

God bless you.



Yes, I did quote the dictionary definition of ‘surrender’ – my bad. I’m replying now, will keep you updated….

4 Responses to “More reasons not to be a Goddess”

  • Twaza Says:

    "Mark" doesn't think he could be a disappointment to any woman.

    In your reply I trust you remembered to bless him?

  • Mark Says:

    you should ask him why his sites been up for over a year? surely he would of found his godess by now,

    also hows the transformation from middle class to billionaire going? I suspect he would be at millionaire at this stage.

  • richardwilsonauthor Says:

    I wonder how he reconciles this whole super-spiritual TV-abstinent new age guru thing with wanting a woman who not only has the same interests, beliefs and values as him and a super-radiant personality – but also "turns heads wherever she goes" simply on account of her looks (alongside all that weird stuff about waistlines). This seems supremely un-guru-like to me. At least in my reading of it (and I read a fair amount of it when I was at uni), the whole point of this post-60s westernised hinduism-lite that he seems to subscribe to is that the realm of physical appearances is totally misleading and illusory, and that it's folly to be fixated with it. Alongside his insistence that his prospective girlfriend has to "turn heads" suggests a distinctly un-spiritual attachment to status symbols – sounds like a fair bit more meditation may be in order!

    Plus – if "Mark" was a 24-year-old male model with an olympian physique then what he was asking for might at least be commensurate with what he had to offer! (I'm amused to see that the site has now gone down due to bandwidth overload!)

    Unfortunately I can't ask him any of this myself as I only answers emails from women!

  • richardwilsonauthor Says:

    hmm – that last comment should have read "HE only answers emails from women" (according to his website at least)…

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