Guardian: A poisoned vagina? What an intriguing yet stupid murder weapon

Back to my roots… VAGINA DENTATA!

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  • Guido Andrade Says:

    Dear Naomi,

    I confess I do not know much about your work.
    However the little I read it seems to be a honourable and courageous crusade in favour of women dignity.
    I know it is hard to analyse anything without a context, but again this is the world of internet and context it is not always everything anymore. You have to back up your words.
    What really got me here to your blog was the article about the supposed attend murder by a Brazilian woman using her vagina as the main tool.
    I follow your links and it lead me to a ”Portuguese(from Portugal) online newspaper.
    With all due respect that I am sure you deserve, but it is doubtful that such an event had ever occurred and if did why it did not get any publicity at our homeland Brazil.
    I would not happily publicise something if I was not absolutely sure it happen.
    You own this if not to the rest of us , to your own conscious.


  • Andrew Parry Says:

    Just read your latest article in the Guardian, regarding humour and feminism. Just one gripe. Don’t think many people equate lap dancing with the “height” of empowerment. I can see for some women in certain situations, lap dancing could provide them with an income they could not otherwise obtain, and hence that could be considered as a “form” of empowerment. But obviously not the “height” of empowerment. Far from it.

  • Andrew Parry Says:

    Oh, sorry. Apart from that small gripe, I thought it was a great article.

  • Ben Says:

    Hi Naomi – [sorry to be off topic]

    Students in York Uni are being blocked from setting up a political feminist society by their union and could use extra public exposure. York Uni looks like it might be undergoing the sort of transition from a hideous conservative apathetic morass to an active campus, much like Edinburgh did in the late 90s. So I think these students are worth supporting.

    Drop me a mail if you want more info; and the author of the post below would welcome being in touch with you.

    [PS I’m the Ben who used to be at Jubilee Scotland]

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