Vaginas aren’t dirty, even in Michigan

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  • Rosamund Says:

    Hi Naomi,

    Great piece and hugely applauded. I have just sent out a press release entitled Vaginal Health — out of sight out of mind! to launch a treatment for BV and guess what the response was? Yes, a fat ZERO. I was shocked that the women’s consumer media can’t write about a subject that is fundamental to women. I have to add that I am also handling a couple of pelvic toners, a cystitis product etc and although not getting such a negative response it still isn’t what I would normally expect if I was, say, sending out releases on skincare.

    I have tried to find an address for you because I’d like to meet up with you to discuss an idea my client and I have been thinking about which addresses the points in your piece.

    Please contact me at the e-mail address I’ve given.

    Best regards

  • bob Says:

    “Delicate little flower, representative Mike Callton, reacted to Brown’s quim quip with: ‘It was so offensive, I don’t even want to say it in front of women.'”

    Look give this guy a break – he was just confused, thinking about the smegma on his dick. In my estimation, vaginas aren’t nasty, unless they’ve met up with Mr. Callton’s extrusion.

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