Let’s all laugh at working class women

[Diana Mitford Mosley, mother of Max Mosley. And not a working class woman]

This has really torn me. Yes I hate fascists. Yes I think they are ignorant and want to laugh at their stupidity. But Vice Magazine – which is a pile of shite – taking a dig at female members of the BNP filled me with rage.

I was uncomfortable about the article but what affirmed my position was the comments which were invariably from men referring to the women as “stupid cunts” and “ugly chavs”.

But why do they need to objectify women to get their point across? The BNP are ignorant, bigoted, anti-intellectual propagandists that feed on poverty and marginalisation. So why focus on the women and highlight how ugly, working class and stupid they are? Ah yes, its an easy target.

But for fuck’s sake, its the BNP! Its like beating a disabled, piss-covered gerbil to death. Momentarily rewarding but does it really achieve anything? Other than laughing at how stupid women can be, women who are not in the hieracrhy of the party and who did not just get elected to the European Parliament…

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  • Spinnaker Says:

    it does seem odd for Messr. Haynes to choose women in particular here, or rather, suggest that that has something to do with it. (the suggestion that they are stupid because they are women, while perhaps not being overtly stated, is hardly subtle)

    – it isn't hard to find stupid people to speak up for the BNP (or rather, if you find people willing to speak up for the BNP, then you might find..)

    ..the whole piece reeks of snobbishness- the interviewees don't seem to be particularly aware of the way they are being mocked – it all seems rather poor sport, which detracts from any serious point that might have been made; these people are clearly idiots, but Haynes really should know better.. it does the cause no good whatsoever.

  • graimito Says:

    This is one of the odder sentences you've ever written:

    "Its like beating a disabled, piss-covered gerbil to death. Momentarily rewarding…"

    On topic, I expect roughly the same level of intelligence from both BNP supporters and VICE Magazine.

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