Where are the women in the ‘population control’ debate?

I wrote for the Guardian Science Blogs on the obsession with ‘population control’ by some in the green movement and the need to take a women’s rights approach. Read it here.

2 Responses to “Where are the women in the ‘population control’ debate?”

  • Podblack Says:

    Great article, I enjoyed that!
    You might be interested in this breakdown (I noticed your blog-summary about an interest in gender issues regarding spurious claims and bad reporting), as it demonstrates a good breakdown of a poorly done criticism of an article on body image, et al. :)

  • Harry Dewulf Says:

    My reaction to reporting on this topic may be biased by gender politics in the media; a recent news report highlighted the importance of educating and empowering women as the key to the future of public health in Zambia. I wholeheartedly believe that this is the case. I accuse either those reporting on the initiative, or those undertaking it, of gender blindness. It takes two (or more) to have children. On the whole I assume that positive social change ought to start with raising women’s awareness of their rights, and empowering them to fight for liberties.

    I am only concerned that no such effort seems to be being made to educate men (or if it is, the media aren’t interested in it). Are men in poorer countries written off as a minority of unreliable, inconstant mercurial, violent abusers, or is there anything we can do to break the cycle that leads them to reinforce women’s belief that women have no power?

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