And she’s back….

OK, I’ve been away from blogging a bit recently as work has been kicking my ass, then Christmas happened (who knew?) and then I was struck down with a dreaded lurgy (which you would have known if you’re following me live tweeting my snot).

However, I’m back and it’s the future! Personally, 2009 was a bit of a shitter but 2010 is already looking better for the following reasons.

Firstly, I recommend you listen to the fabulous podcast The Pod Delusion, not only because it is a fellow guest blogger/Podder on the Lay Scientist, but because it named me No.2 Best blogs of 2009 thanks to the infatigable Crispian Jago.

Secondly, watch out for me guest blogging elsewhere this year and giving some talks around UK-shire…more on this when all is confirmed.

And lastly a quick plug for Skeptics in the Pub London and Westminster. Do come along if you’re in London I’m often found propping up the bar PLUS the next gigs feature the wonderful Kat Akingbade (London – remember to book here) and Dr Petra Boynton (Westminster). Look women are taking over – hurrah!

2 Responses to “And she’s back….”

  • Arikia Says:

    w00t!! I’ve missed you!

  • Meaghan Says:

    My name is Meaghan Bresnahan, and I am an undergraduate student at The Johns Hopkins University. I am currently in a class titled “Anthropology of Media” and for our final project must pick a piece of medium to analyze ethnographically. I have chosen to study the movie “Teeth” and its relationship to the myths of vagina dentate as well as the implications of the myth today through other medium. I would love to set up an email correspondence with you, although I perfectly understand if you are not willing.
    Thank you for any consideration!
    Meaghan B

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