Toxic Waste. Trafigura. Death.

Rather than the usual feminist rant, I bring to you important news of a story about the Guardian and the BBC being sued by oil-traders, Trafigura. The BBC’s story has mysteriously disappeared from their website. But here it is here (pdf).

Here’s all the background on the story you need at Don’t Get Fooled Again, here’s some Wikileaks stuff on this case. And here’s the BBC report about the travesty:

Please take part in this mass blog posting to ensure that human rights abuses continue to be reported and we get some reform of our shitty libel laws in the UK. So while you’re at it, take a look at the Libel Reform Campaign.

And you North Americans – don’t you think you’re immune from our libel laws (although you are doing pretty well at ensure our libel judgments cannot be enforced in the US, hat-tip)

And for any lawyers out there; the title of this blog is three separate fragments.

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