Aug 28 2014

Six reasons why women should fake a pregnancy

Aug 1 2014

The sinner’s top 10 guide to happiness

Because I am clearly an expert on happiness:

Jul 11 2014

I’m with Father O’Baoill – yoga is a deeply unsavoury activity

My milkshake brings all the yoga bunnies to the yard:

May 27 2014

Is the word ‘girl’ offensive?

Short version; it depends:

May 21 2014

Jeremy Paxman’s ultimate questions

Mar 28 2014

So cats are giving us TB? It must be time to fight back

I am a shill for Big Cat:

Mar 12 2014

5 steps to the perfect relationship

Because I am clearly a relationship expert:

Nov 22 2013

Don’t abandon neckties: they’re sexy – and handy for breastfeeding

Oct 14 2013

Guardian; So Romola Garai once appeared in lads’ mags. Shock! Horror! Hypocrite!

Romola Garai did a great vagina joke so I’ve got her back;

Sep 30 2013

Guardian; Heard the one about the Saudi cleric who said driving damages ovaries?

One of the tactics we can use against human rights abuses is taking the piss, read here.